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- Comeon people, can it be any more obvious? Prince Harry is to be killed, why else would he be sent there?

- this war will be yet another war, between 2 nations, that will never end


- its people like you that will be the ones wondering what happen when it all goes down.

- i do feel like i know what im talking about

- this war is destroying are country and the sad thing is that nobody sees it i wish that when i posted something everyone in the united states read and understood what the fuck is going on i mean come on people pull your heads out of your ass and vote against shit we as a people can change anything in the government but they dont want us to know that no no no they want us to stay in our house watch american idol and drink beer, so that we do not ask questions well i tell you what i will always ask questions im a human fucking being and i deserve to be treated like one.........................pt2 coming soon


- Oh bull shit they[the French] knew they where at war if they weren't ready it was cause they were out in the fields making wine, cheese and looking at art.

- They let the hitlers germans rollup and park there tanks. Hell the french valet parked their tanks and then said "here are jews just take them and please don't beat us"

- Hitler was a nut case he was a Jew himself but he wanted to be "cool" so he did what he felt he had to do cause the death of some 72 million people.


- Technology has far exceeded any benefits to the human race.


- Bush takes fathers and fathers-to-be away from (expecting) moms and sends them to war, without a choice.


- You're trying to control other people's actions, that's facism.

- Bravo! In one felt swoop you've taken away every woman's right to her own body. Congratulations you facist.


- You watch a video like Loose Chane full of FACTUAL INFORMATION.

- Thats why you people deny it being a conspiracy. YOU'RE AFRAID.

- watch


- And I'm not the one using childish comments like you dumb dumbs.

- The Twin Towers were pulverized into powder. This has already been proven by the information in my previous posts. It's not theory. It's fact.

- But Bush did not do 9/11. 9/11 was gone by the Global Elite, including the corporate media and the military industrial complex.

- The steel wasn't melted, it was 'dustified'.

- The 9/11 truth movement has been infiltrated and is being controlled by the 9/11 coverup perps.


- See here's the thing. The US soldiers in Iraq are trained, that when they come under fire, to kill everyone in the area. The reasoning behind this: They're protecting the terrorist by not stopping them, therefore they're not innocent. In other words, US soldiers making civilian kills does occur often.


- Rules were created by the richs to step on the poors, and I don't accept that.

- I'm a revolutionary person, so I won't follow any rule

- Yeah, they (Yahoo) would make Mussolini proud.

- Rome didn't murder millions and millions of people like the USA has

- I see. According to you, then, the World has 7 continents?

Contipec [RIP]


- im not saying the british are the best, because were not we have alot of problems here but in world war two our RAF stopped hitler from advancing further towards america, and russia stoped him from heading towards america that way

- also the british got alot of soldiers from aroudn the world to help they organised D-DAY and america sent some troops along to help towards the end because hitler blew up a boat which had some americans on it



- See, most Christians, for example, support the embargo against Cuba, a move that has costed thousands of innocent Cuban lives. The same Christians who invaded Panama to take Noriega out, who was a legitimate and popular leader. The sam Christians who forcefully installed Pinochet in Chile just because people in there did not agree with Christian ideals. Christians are a murderous race, who won't think twice about pulling the trigger on anyone who thinks differently.

- Sarah Palin is a retarded person. Period.

- Fraternities and sororities are signs of a decadent, rotten society. He does vey well to ban those.

- The boy who will marry Palin's daughter is a moron. I would leave the country and once abroad, refuse marriage.

- NATO is essentially USA imperialism. USA does not respect any nation, USA invades Iraq, Afghanistan, and in the past, countless more, like Panama and the Falklands. USA invaded Yugoslavia and allowed Kosovo to become independent (Kosovo is an illegal state, at least I see it as such).

- Sarah Palin and her daughter are just hypocritical whores. They have sex all around, and then come preaching on everyone else

- The USA got rid of Saddam, because he had pissed off Israel.


- if evolution is fact then why is it still the 'theory of evolution.


- since Einstien had theories about how the universe started, meaning that he did not belive everything a gay bible say, thus meaning he was atheist.

- this is Newgrounds once again sir, this isn't state if the union.

- wow, now I know even more how retarded christians are!

- BUSH is Irans bitch sir. I am not.

- minus another two by being retarded


- The mayan calendar ends on Dec. 24 2012. Those guys were on to something maybe


- I am the source, but please yourself dipshit.


- The flood hasn't been proven to be impossible

- the bible does not say that the earth was 6000 years old, and even if it did you couldn't prove otherwise

- who are you to say that the earth wasn't created in 6 days? You can't prove otherwise. So shut the fuck up until you have some decent facts to present your case.

- Shut up, Pharisee.

- PAHAHA! Shows how much of a lying Catholic sack of shit you really are.


- Many centuries ago, a secret order has been created

- 2001 was predicted a new era by the Persian prophets, by the bible, by the Greeks and by astronomy. I believe the rulers of our world thought it would be a strategic time to sacrifice their World Trade Center and throw some missiles at Iraq

- Like the movie said: The most basic way of mental control is REPETITON AND FEAR

- My guess is that he didn't want the building to fall on the city... he wanted a controlled explosion


- These people are the finest example of why's this conspiracy working so well


- republicans are a virus and the cure is logic and freedom

- its true republicans are opressive fear - war mongers who only wish for slavery money no change for america but how does any one know our chancellor (warlord bush) is a republican so how do we know the democrates are soft on terror

- im sure the rest of the world likes obamma because they dont want more republican nazizm in the world obamma is a freind of the common man every where

- zem%u0159ít kapitalista
you shame your working brethren you with your greed and war you are evil
you look only towards bettering yourself through materilsm and greed

- this surely will be the case one day but there is an endless cycle the greedy facist swine shall take
over once again and the world shall be cast into darkness aqusitveness greed and gluttony but the workers will topple the swine and we will be returned to the light but as the endless wheel turns the workers will be opressed again you see it all cycles through the only thing we can do is impede the swine from their darkness and greed

- NO we are the republican reichkanzlerie of america

- Good fourtune be upon you comrde for bringing the truth to the light
down with mcain and the fascicst
oh and obama all right but he is not socialist enough for me to vote for him

- it seems that we will realpse into facism OH... we already have


- The point of the matter is that the 'War on Terror' has hurt us more than them

- I would go on but I could only stand looking at your post for so long.

I would disprove you on every front, I really would.

- Get out of my America.

- A plant leaning towards light isn't evolution or adaptation, it's the action of an individual. No different than a wolf hunting for food.

- Well, sperm have to swim, and they're single cells, so they have a nucleus, which is like a tiny brain- so yeah, I guess sperm cells do think. On a very basic level.


- But Mcain dons't support that vets should get money for collage.

- obama is not so bad he now a crazy preist soo what you now Mcain dons't support war vets should get money for collage and says"we can solve goble warming by finding more oil[that would make use die
quicker form G.W. and hukabee sucks and hilliry is a soko maniack!!!!

vote obama peace!!!!!!

- damm scientology is bull**** for you people who belive space people created us and aliens are our gods
damm its a religon scamm they cargh you to join[ithink!??!]

- i think the govemnt pland it :bush"soo well plant bombs in the trade center and make it expolde lol!!"
bin ladin:"iam do it first bush!!!"bush"not if i can do it first!"
the plane hit the trade center it falls down.
bush"damm it ladin beat use to killing random people!!"bush"iam angry dam it where going to war with
iraq for a stress reliver!!"

the end!!!!

- people see abortion as harmlis

- the nazi flag symbolizs german and white supremcy,that whites rule and other colors are gay..and stupid me it stads as gay retards that need to get a life!!!!!

- i need to masturebat, you now its only natural!!!>=(


- no, stay away from america, we're slowly evolving into a full blown fascist dictatorship

- it doesnt matter what the majority of american's want

- you can't debate with someone that live's in a entirely different reality

- are there any Bush supporters left on this site, if so, why do you support him and his war?

(I am aware that there is an "official Bush Topic" so dont bother pointing that out.)


- are right to privacy will be revoked soon so i'll enjoy it while its there.

- Irrational thought process is a bi-product of mind conditioning, americans have been systematicly brainwashed for the last 100 years..any logical person who watches the footage of the colapse can see that its obviously controlled demolition

- those buildings were brought down with explosives and anybody with half a brain can see that

- but at least I'am not a blind fuckin sheep like you people

- their fuckin blind followers man

- Idiot-Finder huh??? what happened?? did you look in the mirror????

- every member of the CFR has the same goal, globalization and world domination.


- I had no problem with America until they started going to war with countries.

- however as you have demonstrated the British people for the most part have learned from the past while the American people havent and still believe they can control the world via military might

- truely a blind sense of nationalism has been installed in American

- i say that they have no right to be offended by my words.

- my remarks do not come from impartiallity but from anger hence i may appear to be extremely ignotant making generalised remarks which box a whole set of individuals

- over a third of American believed Iraq was in Europe, therefore a third of Americans were actually supporting a war against europe

- Americans president George Bush has to be one of the most corrupt men in the history of the world he has the brains of a baby and the personality of a petulant teenager, but at least if hes in trouble he can always run to daddy

- okay so your family is a success story clearly which is why you have a computer and are on Newgrounds

- wow u voted 0 on them without watching american of you


- if anybody feels the need to rebel against a system, the system cannot, *by definition* be a democracy.

infinity0 [RIP{?}]

- if you don't think americans are ignorant see this 8D ww

- Destroying a building my may not be easier then just removing the files. But it is the best way to inshore destruction of thaws files.

- You now what go to both sites, Look at the augments and decide for your self.

Grammer, you think you have debunked them but all I have seen is smear tactics and conjecture. But since you think you have, go to there web site and brake there argument down and state in detail why it's a lie.

- As it go for the as it goes for the engineers (the full name is the Architects and engineers for 9/11 truth.) they have loads of evidence to support there argument.

- nist has stated that what the 9/11 report said was highly unlikely. They mean math mathematical impossibility.

- The fact that it [the top levels of the WTC tower]fell at an angle and did not topple is vary suspect. It should have spun like a top instead of going down at an angle and not moving like it hit nothing.


- I'm just going to wait a minute, and see if there are smart people here...people who know that we are having our food poisoned, our minds brainwashed, and our freedoms destroyed.


- haha i bet u think america is actually a democracy.


- Our governments are greedy and the War on Terrorism is living proof. It's the oil they're after, and Osama's head but mostly the oil.

- The last drop of oil will probably be stored in a secret military base under vault under vault under vault.


- many you guys have screwed up a whole heap it hasn't helped that you have had a veritable donkey at the helm these past 8 years. I was almost sick when he got reelected and if John Mcain wins i will blow your asses up.

- The USA is in contravention of international law but no one can do anything due to their being the one of the biggest bullies this world of ours has ever seen.

- So america i never thought i'd say this but..... I can't wait until China kicks your ass when you try and invade the in 2035 because you got jealous.


- This is why a lawless and stateless society will bring prosperaty. The police are assholes but they have to assholes so they can enforce rules into us that we never ever wanted.

- Thats what History is HIS-STORY. This is pretty much proof that history is just CRAP.

- Everyone with any sense knows that Isreal is like a Rom Jeremy. It brings death to all whenever its utters are bitching for oil.

- Most of the time me and my acquintences would pick on the retarded and talked about how much they would like to kill them.

- Bullshit! I have spent about 5 minutes with an actual retard and I wanted to beat the fuck out of him.

- Being a sociopath helps my friend.

- Alright the moral way isn't going to happen so the financial way is. You see whenever people get married they spend about 15000 or more on the marriage and they have to pay off debts (which are paid by welfare I mean loans). Whenever people use loans to pay for something fake as marriage the banks have to pay for them. The people refuse to pay said loans and the government helps the people pay back the banks. The people are now on welfare I mean "loans" and will crash the economy because the people wont pay up the government is going to add in laws that restrict freedoms from said people (like they deserve). If the laws don't come into play with the people then they will have to do nasty things such as poisining everyone with aids, goneria, and more recently swine flue. All of this money on poisining and laws could have been avioded if people didn't want to marry thus elemenating massive loans. Gay marriage will only increase this effect by twice the amount. Don't you understand now?

- The government is a religion as people WORSHIP the GOVERNMENT because they think it offers them PROTECTION. The GOVERNMENT is pretty much a RELIGION as in it's "PROTECTION" is WORTHLESS. The GOVERNMENT is pretty much a MONOPOLY on goods such as science, water, roads, and ETC. People can PRODUCE these GOODS at the same rate and at a much higher QUALITY. Atheism is a much better idealogy because religion NEEDS GODS TO THEIR SHIT! What I mean by "gods" is the THEOCRACY. All theist wouldn't mind a THEOCRACY if it supported their religion. SURE "democracy" (kinder form of MOB RULE) is seen as a better solution but in reality people with RELIGIOUS IDEALOGIES would love to have a theocracy of some kind or another. Maybe not to the EXTREME as many fundies do but having a harmongous relgious SOCIETY would be nothing but FLOWERS AND CANDIES IN A BASKET for them. Athiest are the only people whom can think to an unlimited degree because we aren't subjected such "gods". The government is just a god.


- The US is the world's leading terrorist nation.

- So Al-CIAda won?

- It's a good point, Wade. In your blog, you've also wrote in the past about the global warming fraud. Now, put these two together. Biofuels to help the environment. See how the frauds fit together?

Now take in one step further and see that it's deliberate eugenics.

- It's not the American education system that makes Americans stupid.

It's the flouridated water supply and crappy food that they feed you. When your body consists of 70% water, contaminated water with all kinds of hidden drugs in it WILL FUCK WITH YOU.

The stupid education and media just facilitates the idiocy. Think about it. If Americans were smart, they'd get 100% in all the tests and thus the tests would have to made more difficult. Education simply decides who's smart, who's average, and who's stupid.

- Disarming the people is the last step before martial law.

- The government knows that you are going to take to the streets. This is why they've prepared concentration camps for the American public, to round you all up.

- Yes, Zeitgeist is a great movie.

- Now, I've just had a look in your signature, and you're telling people to join the military. So.. frankly, now I can see why you're so stupid and unconditionally supportive of Israel. You have obviously been brainwashed.

- Like, take the Presidential campaign. He tried not to discuss his middle name, Hussein. Then, he goes over to the Middle East and boasts about his middle name being Hussein. He's just pure, two-faced, lying scum.


- No, police officers protect. Soldiers kill. End of discussion.


- Yes.. it is that time again, for the capitalists monsters to meet and discuss the issues of how they are going to capture and torture the rest of the World.

- you used me for resources

- you cheated everyone, saying we are free.. Were not


- How on earth can you think "conservative" is a positive thing, though? It's all about denying people their true nature

- Most people do not benefit from capitalism.

- Emotions and logic do not contradict

- Because the American Right Wing are the only ones delusional enough to believe it's[global warming] not real.


- anyone find it funny that in just 4 years pres bush has turned all our allies against us

Penguin11 [RIP]

- Zeitgeist makes you think.


-, thats probably the best source on the internet

- face it everything your 'religion' stands for is false

- www.zeitgeist.comwww.zeitgeist.comwww .ze itgeist.comwww.zeitgeist.comwww.zeitge is mw ww.zeitgeist.comwww.zeitgeist.comwww.z ei there posted it some more for the retards oh and about it being biased and unreliable well if you watched the movie and actually looked at the link you might understand something about it


- 1) # of terrorists reported, something like a little over 150. number of muslims in the world? more than 1 trillion


- Micro-evolution? Big deal.
There is no evidence that the world was created in millions of years, only theorys.

- Methods like what? Like that bones age-calculator? That method they used to calculate the age of dinosaurs bones? There is always a factor that messes it up; for example, the subterrain water can turn a regular bone into stone in weeks. How can they say that dinosaur bones have many millions of years when subterrain water can turn them into stones in weeks?


- To clear some things up, god created Science to PROVE the bible correct.

- I love to go to

- The evolution of man is complete bull**** obviously. We can evolve, but we can't create amoebas


- Everyone who agrees with abortion is clearly an evil fucker who clearly has no grasp of reality

- my idea of them is that when bad stuff happens they[atheists] blame God

- I am not a little sheep being herded into a slaughter house as I've said.

- 9 videos talking about our solar system n why the theory of evolution is disproved n creation is supported

- stupid blind atheists can remain blind for all I care

- Yeah dude, this post is just disguised as a stupid gayness threrad when its jsut another ant religion thingy, evilution is a religion n so is atheism I guess, you can't hide from your faith hahahahaha!

- Too bad, you don't deserve proof

- Also if you really wanted plain proof without a doubt that there is a God and that he cares about you, close your eyes and pray

- the fact is that we are not animals

- Lol yeah, it makes me feel better knowing people who don't believe are most likely very violent evil people who don't want to be held accountable to their creator, thinking if they don't believe it'll just go away, but no, those of us who believe in God haunt your ass with our good deeds and acts of kindness and compassion to eachother, that is what makes them angry at us, thinking we're better then them? No way dude, people like me, I feel sorry for non believers, I don't think I'm better at all, I wish i could help but I guess they don't want to be helped, they jsut want tp drag us down with them into their downward spiral of pain and evil.

- Evolution is fake, it is a religion that has next to no evidence to support it.

- Actualy the theory of evolution does revolve around us coming from rocks.

- Ok I'll just come out n say it "Ha ha, a stupid atheist got what he deserved and got in trouble for his stupid beliefs, looks like atheists are the weaker link in the chain of evilution 8P
Using your own stupid terms against you, looks like religious people are more "evolved" than the dumb atheist who are too primitive to believe in the supernatural and/or spiritual belief in a God.
Haw haw.

- I hope any atheist here who reads this decide to believe in God.


- America, is a military empire.

- If the Saddam loyalists want to kill the other people, ITS NOT OUR FUCKING PROBLEM.

- Afghanistan, we are getting absolutely NOWHERE because THERE ARE LIKE, 4 SOLDIERS IN THERE! WTF.

- Democratic countrys DONT HAVE WAR. Take France, or germany. Since WWII, they've been at peace.


- You have to ask yourself, "If the conspiracy isn't true, then why do people believe the conspiracy? It's not like they do this to seek attention.

- Like myself, there are other people who believed the official report when the event [9/11] occurred. And after research chose the side of conspiracy to be more believable.


- knowledge is knowing not useing wikipedia to find out


- The liberal party, teh Dems, are based on Eugenics.

- So if there's anything that comes close to Hitler, it's the modern Democratic party.

- Abortion is eugenics. There's no beating around the bush here.

- But the ID arguments are simply more scientific, require less assumptions, and are in line with what we currently know.

- The bible is ambiguous on NOTHING. This is simply revisionism from the non-faithful.

- Evolution falls flat in explaining how everything came to be.

Sorry. "Random chance" doesn't explain nothing becoming something. Nor does it explain non-life becoming life. Where did things come from is an interesting question. ID seeks to address this.

And on a cellular level, if anything was missing, the cell wouldn't work. A plant cell without clorophil would die. A cell without a nucleus would not survive. Etc.

But let's all keep pretending evolution knows all and ID is stupid. Feeling superior is fun.


- Evolution is not based by scientific fact

- There's just as much fact to back up either intelligent design or evolution


- ha much as killing soldiers is a bad way for promoting peace. i feel no empathy for a dull witted soldier who takes another mans life and find it romantic

- Its all very simple. people who vote Republican are weak minded fear mongers who will vote for anyone that promises them safety. Safety mainly from change which they fear the most... so if you want a republican government you need to evoke fear


- Who would want to join the U.S. Military? All of them are staffed by cretins who rape and kill civilians in Iraq.

- Global warming is real. Only the Bush lovers deny it.

- The police are absolute scum and an oppresive force in soceity. The state subjugates its citizens through the use of violence and police thuggery.

- Catholics are part of the retarded religion called Christianity. Fucking dirty pedophile priests.

- People are going around and shooting each because they are freely available.


- Just because of fossils and dirt doesn't mean everyone will change their beliefs and become scientific atheists.

- The scientists' reason for the explosion is 'just because.

- 2. The continents will be UNDERWATER. World hunger wouldn't matter. Everyone would be dead.


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